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Kenneth M Sutton
Detroit, United States

My name is Kenneth M. Sutton, I am a screenwriter from Michigan.

I have written Eleven screenplays, Eight are Full Feature Films titled "The Rock Star and the Lady" and "Guerrilla Force" just to name a few, the other's are TV Pilot, the first TV Pilot script is titled "Like A Cat".

If you liked the 1971 movie "Shaft" then you're gonna love "Jimmy Quinn"  "He's one bad mother, shut yo mouth, Jimmy!"

I have just completed my 3rd episode for the screenplay titled "Like A Cat / The Jokes On You" a Comedy/Action/Adventure/Drama. And I am now currently working on a few new screenplays for 2021.

I have a New screenplay completed, titled "Hell On Heels - The Boss's Daughter". It's about a rich Wild Child girl who is out of control, but when her father dies, she changes her ways and takes over her father's company, becoming the "Boss's Daughter"

Scripts By Kenneth M

The Rock Star and the Lady.
An out of control Rock Star is sent to rehab, ran by an Ex-Navy Seal.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance For sale 68pp