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Kevin Bolger
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Very part-time writer, I put words on the page, and hopefully they start to make sense.

I find writing a fun, and sometimes frustrating, but ultimately cathartic exercise. 

If I can make you turn a page, I've achieved something.

Scripts By Kevin

Genesis 6:3
With the global population in decline, the man responsible is on a mission to repair his mistake.
TV Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi Example of work only 39pp
When a detective takes the law into his own hands after his partners' murderer is acquitted, he soon realizes there is always a price to pay.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama Example of work only 7pp
A severed arm on the banks of the River Mersey brings back dark memories for a Liverpool Detective struggling with the early signs of dementia.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 80pp