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Kevin Christoffersen
New York City, United States

Kevin Christoffersen has been working in just about every form of media for nearly three decades - producing content internationally across four continents while living in five countries.

He is an Educator and Development Executive of the new platform, 'Film Education & Development', which he runs in partnership with producer Javier Gonzalez. In this role, Kevin guides filmmakers through the A to Z feature film development process with his workshop courses, development labs, webinars and consultations. On the Executive Producing side, he works on establishing financing for different feature films of various budget levels both in the U.S. and in Europe. He is also a consultant with the new online distribution platform, Movie Rights Exchange.

Kevin sits on the Advisory Board of the Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival and has recently completed co-writing a feature length screenplay.

While based in Switzerland for seven years as Executive Producer of World Television, he managed large scale live broadcast event productions for Fortune 500 companies, United Nations agencies and NGO's.

Kevin works between New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver continuing to form new industry partnerships along the way...

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