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Kevin Doy Burton
Waukesha, United States

Kevin Doy Burton is a published author. Later he became a screenplay writer. He's been one since the year 2007. He decided to become a writer of science fiction/fantasy and horror. He studied screenplay writing because he wanted to put his stories on film. Kevin has written over thirty-three books. His thirty-third book is a romance novel (R.I.P.Jacqueline Burton / A Love Story). Kevin wanted to write a book about his wife, who died in his arms. They have been married for thirty years. Kevin signed up with Reverend Crown Publishers in India, making him an international author. Kevin's two latest science fiction novels are THE GIFT and QUEEN.


 As a Psychiatric Technician, Kevin helped the mentally ill. He had never thought about writing until he met the patients. He decided to talk to people on the streets and worldwide through the internet. They told him about their experiences with strange phenomena
and UFOs. The stories that they said to him encouraged him to write science fiction/fantasy and horror. Kevin had an hour-long interview on the television show called MEET THE AUTHORS. He was also a guest on The Mother-Ship Connection and The Gunner Alan Lindbloom show Detroit, 910 Superstation (WFDF)

Kevin is in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He has been working in the healthcare profession since the 1980s, including mental health as a psychiatric technician/mental health counselor for fifteen years. He also had written six screenplays ready to be optioned off.

Email address:

He would love to talk to you. Email him anytime. He has 5000 Facebook friends and friends around the world. He would love to talk to you all about the strange phenomenon you've seen or heard.

Scripts By Kevin

A motorcycle gang bites off more than they can chew when they arrive at a small town that's in the desert and not on the map.
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
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A Russian ends up in an American prison, but he’s not an average prisoner.
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Four friends cruise vacation turns into a nightmare on a yacht when a strange phenomenon occurs on the ocean.
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The Wormhole
A lone astronaut faces his worst fears while on a mission to mars.
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Dominant Species
Mankind faces extension by a new alien race they have encountered.
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