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Kevin Gerke
Green Bay, United States

o i grew up in small town Amercia and excelled at most sports ok also the girls back in the day mind you .lol . I lived in California for years than came back to Wisconsin. I seen how my father who was my best friend in life besides being a great  man and dad. He lost his job at a manufacturing company that he helped start from a garage to a 10,000 sq. foot building because of a owners son-in -law needing a job. Old School ways get a job get a house have a family and provide no matter what ! That was my Father's up bringing .He came to me and said i was wrong go for it Kevin dream big and i did. I have started over 12 businesses in the past 20 some years from ground up with no loans or help. I get them running from ground up making a nice profit and sell them and take time off and  spend the Summer at the  beaches in Door County ,WI. and jet-ski ,golf , fine dining plus  much more. My favorite was walking the shores of Lake Michgan with my dogs and feel the sand between my toes picking washed stones i would  collect them  and put into glass vases . I encountered  many different people from all across the world  in Door County ,WI. Amazing Life i had until around year and half ago i got hit with a terminal illness which cost me everything but not my desire to excel and create so i started my last business Pitch It Productions . I write and sell TV and Movie Ideas .  .


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Scripts By Kevin

Visiting Angels
God's patience with the humankind is about to bring the last plagues upon earth Michael The Archangel pleads with God to allow a group of Angels to visit Earth warn people to get ready
Short Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 22pp
2 readers love this script
Dating Above Your League
A reality dating tv show that gives all men and women hope that they to can date above their league.
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 44pp
1 reader loves this script
Spirit of Mayhem
A vast network of deep hidden tunnels under Liverpool England houses the Spirit of Mayhem since sealed up after the great Black Plague of 1347 is unleashed on present day England after a Archaeology dig
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
1 reader loves this script
Professional NFL Quarterback is convicted of gambling over a million dollars on games and sentenced to 5 years in prison and loses everything Upon release Johnny is determined too prove his innocents and play again
Short Adventure, Drama For sale 29pp
Desirable People
The world only has two classes in 2050 the desirable and the undesirable The wealthy powerful celebrity talented influential beautiful Who use the other 95 percent of population to work for them revolt is near
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy For sale 12pp
Group of people realize that social media cell phones internet computers television radio and the twenty first century is corrupt and decide to make a colony in Alaska Can they keep the NOISE OUT ?
TV Pilot Drama For sale 66pp
A African American poor family take-in a homeless white man off the streets of Chicago and gives him two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee ,it inspired him to repay them years later.
Feature Drama For sale 32pp
A terminally ill mans bucket list is to walk the beaches around the world that he planned on before he became sick Will Kevin have enough time and help to achieve it
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 17pp
Fan Duel
Rival sport teams fanatics butt heads in the parking lot after the game and duel it out and both end up spending the night in jail Upon release fighting now endangers both their families
Feature Drama For sale 22pp
Sunday Law
Soon all types of Religions and Governments come together after World War 3 and force all people to Worship on Sunday if not you are hearded up put in detention camps to await execution
Feature Thriller For sale 37pp