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Kevin Gerke

I write movie and tv scripts .Also concepts and shorts. I own Pitch It Productions . Live in Door County ,WI. great place to write and enjoy nature and beaches .


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Scripts By Kevin

The List
Dying Man in prison who severed 20 years claims to be innocent decides vengeance on the people that wronged him and kill them but when he escapes The List falls into a taxi drivers hand
Short Action, Crime, Drama For sale 44pp
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Last Chapter
Successful writer and author wants to pen his last novel and retire but things get strange and dangerous with the book's final chapter whatever he writes it starts to happen to him in real life
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 27pp
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Herding Cats
film based on events happening now about one world order agenda that is slowly being put into place by the Elitists of the world and they will stop at nothing including starting World War 3
Feature Drama For sale 66pp
Dating Blues Of Sally McGee
Sally recently spent 8 years in college and Grad school. Now she starts a search for a boyfriend only to discover dating is depressing and harder than becoming a successful Doctor in New York City
Short Comedy For sale 12pp
Pipe Dream
A father's search for his kidnapped daughter that has spanned 15 years and three countries and cost him his marriage and bankrupted his successful business empire and lost of the 5 million ransom money
Short Adventure For sale 10pp
Guarded Heart
Ugly girl child gets abused bullied than when she turns 16 she disappeared ends up on the streets of LA She gets noticed by photographer ugly Sara turns into beautiful swan not on the inside
Short Drama For sale 8pp
All Things Work Together
Atheist Businessman has it all perfect family wealth power handsome popularity yet feels empty inside and decides to commit suicide when he jumps off a bridge into frigid water time stops but does it really
Short Drama For sale 12pp
Go The Extra Mile
Reality TV Show that stages different circumstances in which unknowing people must go the extra mile and do the right thing to win a prize like open a door for elderly lady acts of kindness
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 50pp
The Dog That Brought The Good Out Of Me
A castoff from his middle class family high school dropout drug user thief finds himself at a farm in rural Wisconsin hungry and alone when a puppy he finds changes his life forever
Feature Adventure, Drama For sale 100pp
Struggling Actor With a Trust Fund
Wealthy businessman son is a struggling actor who uses a fake name He lives in a run down apartment building New York City When he meets the girl at casting call he must impress her
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 33pp