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Kevin Gerke

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Kevin Gerke

I write movie and tv scripts .Also concepts and shorts. I own Pitch It Productions . Live in Door County ,WI. great place to write and enjoy nature and beaches .

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Scripts By Kevin

The List
Dying Man in prison who severed 20 years claims to be innocent decides vengeance on the people that wronged him and kill them but when he escapes The List falls into a taxi drivers hand
Short Action, Crime, Drama For sale 44pp
1 reader loves this script
Last Chapter
Successful writer and author wants to pen his last novel and retire but things get strange and dangerous with the book's final chapter whatever he writes it starts to happen to him in real life
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 27pp
1 reader loves this script
Just Another Day At The Beach
The day was going like most every other day at the beach jet skiing, boats anchored offshore people playing frisbee volleyball grill out on the dunes of Lake Michigan than the shit hit the fan
Short Action, Drama, Horror For sale 33pp
When Duty Calls
A team of Navy Seals takes on a secret mission to save and rescue American Soccer Team that was kidnapped and now are captive deep in the jungle in South America
Short War For sale 10pp
Small Talk
Romance about a man and woman dating online with small talk have no clue they work in the same building and have been hanging out since college and they have secret crushes on each other
Short Romance For sale 17pp
Leave It To Beaver
Show Episode of Orignal show starting from the beginning of Series then remake of characters reenacting the same show in the present day to show how society has changed.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 12pp
All About Jerry
Sequel to the Seinfeld TV show with a new cast of characters with guest appearances of the old cast Jerry now lives in LA. trying to make a comeback
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 22pp
Nature's Revenge
Doom hits earth by Nature in near future with all the pollution Humans ignored signs so bugs birds reptiles animals fish turn on mankind to retake the earth For kicker Natural Disasters
Short Horror For sale 15pp
Joey Joey
Story of an impoverished young boy who dreams to hear his name cheered in the Olimpic Games someday Joey is blind but his swim coach helps him overcome many obstacles to fulfill his dream
Short Drama, Family, Sport For sale 10pp
Woke Won't Work
Welcome to the new Sodom and Gomora the United States Of America.WWW is coming to your State City Town soon take a knee in fear or be beat down Dare to disagree you must flee
Web Series Pilot History For sale 17pp