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Kevin Jay Broome
Vancouver, Canada

I have recently left the city behind me, having settled down in a co-housing community in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. The air is clean out here, filtered by the towering cedars and seasoned by the salty ocean. The kids still run in packs around these parts. And we cook and eat with our neighbours at least once a week. The larger community of the Creek is charged with activists and artists and a constant pursuit of creativity and the search for something simpler in this complex existence. 

I like finding inspiration in the real world. Stories that seem too wonderfully strange to be real. Themes that explore the blurred line between reality and illusion, our obsession with fame and celebrity, and the fallacy of humankind and the modern condition. 

Scripts By Kevin Jay

Business and personal collide when a graphic designer joins his girlfriend's yoga class.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 9pp
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The Bicycle Day
In 1953 Beverly Hills, two psychiatrists flip the fabric of reality on its head when they begin offering LSD therapy to their glamorous clientele.
TV Pilot Biography, Drama, History, Romance For sale 51pp
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LOL: The Assassination of Kim Jong-nam
Two young women audition for an online prank show only to be tricked into assassinating the once future heir to the North Korean throne.
Feature Action, Comedy, History For sale 52pp
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