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Kevin Kunz

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Kevin Kunz

Aspiring Screenwriter and film lover
College Student
Biggest Inspirations: Vince Gilligan, Rod Serling
Lover of Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, and Thrillers
Currently working on several projects! Will get them my newest low budget horror script uploaded as soon as it is polished.
Let me know if you read any of my work. I'd be happy to discuss or swap scripts.
Thanks for reading!

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Scripts By Kevin

Lincoln 2040
In order qualify for federal election funding, a struggling third-party clones Abraham Lincoln and runs the American hero as their candidate in the 2040 presidential election.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 54pp
Star Struck
A struggling paparazzi photographer discovers that a Hollywood actress is being hunted by a paranormal entity as a stern detective investigates the being's previous victims.
TV Pilot Horror For sale 50pp
The Ark
A teen suffering from aquaphobia must fight to survive when she wakes up on a makeshift boat, captained by an unstable neighbor who claims that the world has been destroyed by an apocalyptic flood.
Feature Thriller For sale 97pp
An engineer maintaining a space colony’s life support system must keep the system operating when his unstable partner begins to question the legitimacy of their job and interfere with their work.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 90pp