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Kevin O'Keefe
Pontypridd, United Kingdom

I always wanted to write novels and screenplays, as a child it was all I wanted to do, and I would spend hours writing for fun while my friends would be out doing what kids do. Got lucky leaving school and unlike so many that I went to school with I managed to get a job writing - for a marketing agency. 

For fifteen years I sat in an office and wrote sales letters, sales brochures (before the digital age), sales emails, blog posts, articles, press releases and so on. Not what I wanted to be writing, but still writing! 

As so often happens family and work took over, and I lost sight of my writing, but some recent life changes mean that I reevaluated everything and I am throwing myself back into the pursuit of writing for fun; of creating something because you want to, not because someone wants to sell their new supplements.

So just now getting back into the mindset of it all (going back to school as well, at my age!) and got a few ideas taking seed already that I am excited about exploring further. Most of my stories are rooted in history, which along with writing, is my real passion!

Anyhow, I have indulged and talked about myself for far too long. All that is left to say is that I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with passionate and successful screenwriters here. 

Oh, and Thanks!


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