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Kevin Xaverius

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Kevin Xaverius
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hello everybody, I'm Kevin, an Indonesian living in Hong Kong. I'm currently in my final year studying Creative Media in the City University of Hong Kong. I have been a film buff since I was little and screenwriting is the part of filmmaking that I love the most. I have been writing scripts for quite some time, but mostly as a hobby. But now, I have decided to take it seriously as I want to become a full-time screenwriter in the future.

Looking forward to knowing you guys! 

My favorite films: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Oldboy, and many others...


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Scripts By Kevin

Sweet Tooth
On a Halloween night, a little boy finds himself visited by a creature looking to get a share of his treats.
Short Comedy, Horror Example of work only 8pp