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Writing became a way for me to express my dreams, desires, difficulties, as well as self-reflect on many situations.  I published a book as well as an anthology of poems inspired by societal issues, and from my own personal challenges of anxiety and fear to expressions of hope and dreams.  I obtained a bachelor of history degree and, after dealing with much adversity, obtained a master's in business.

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Scripts By Kimberly

Fallen from Grace
Based on the Non-Fiction book, Fallen from Grace, is Ann's story of dealing with adversity and how others tried to silence and discredit her, however, she developed a plan to expose many hidden truths.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
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Fallen from Grace
One girl's story of confronting adversity in many environments where others tried to silence and discredit her but she never gave up the perilous fight to have her voice heard.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp