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Oct 2020 Update: We are in pre-production on two projects at the moment. We are still interested in finding additional projects for future production (late 2021-2022). Please see our previous update for details on what we are interested in.

Sept. 2020 Update: We are seeking a specific project (one feature or several shorts or a TV series). Any genre is acceptable - some more favored than others, but if it's a good story we're not stuck on the genre. Shorts can be from one writer or several different writers - although we likely are leaning more towards multiple writers so we can have "different voices." The LEAD should be a FEMALE between 25-35 years old. An ideal story, however, will be for two females in that age range. For shorts, we're especially interested stories for two female leads that handle a same-sex relationship, adversarial (hero vs. villain), and platonic (or subtext) friendship between them. Shorts should be a minimum of 10 pages (figure 10-15 minutes run-time). For TV we are primarily interested in "genre-shows" and one primary lead should be a FEMALE between 25-35 and there should be a strong LGBT+ element (it doesn't have to be a primary character or only LGBT+ based story - but there should be strong elements throughout the series). For TV there should be multiple episodes available - if they're not written or completed scripts there should a breakdown of several episodes detailing the general plot/concept of each episode.

These are guidelines - not set in stone, but those stories that met the majority of the criteria will go to the head of the line to be read.

- If you think you have a script that fits for this specific project please send us a message here with the name/link to the script. Because we are looking for something specific and writers tend to have similar elements across multiple pieces you may see that we've downloaded more than one of your scripts. 

We are still open to and interested in exploring other projects as mentioned below but our most immediate and current focus is as listed above. 


Independent production company interested in all film and television but favors material with strong female characters, lead or strong BIPOC characters, and/or LGBT+ themes. We are located in New York but consider projects that take place anywhere. As we are independent we will lean toward projects that have smaller budget needs, tend toward practical effects over significant CGI needs, and small cast/location needs but we will review material outside those specs as well since we work hard to obtain funding for budgets that are appropriate for the piece.


Email Policy: While we invite writers to send a message with a link to their story if they feel it matches whatever our current project goal is (always listed at the top with a date), please be advised that we cannot answer every message we get. Further, do not infer that we are interested in your property because we download multiple scripts or downloaded additional scripts after you've messaged us. If a script you've written is something that we'd like to explore producing we will reach out to you. Our first attempt will be through whatever email you've included on the title page of your script. In the absence of a title page or valid email, we will make a second and final attempt to reach you through the site before moving on to another property.

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