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Kiril Maksimoski

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Kiril Maksimoski
Skopje, Macedonia

Freelance writer and open minded. Passioned about writing for film as no other format was found fit to my satisfaction...or I could not complete my stories via any other format be it poetry or prose. 

Have been working in theatre and film as an actor and have some short films as director. As a writer I'm preparing yet. Some short and feature scripts leave my mark but real workload is yet to come. 

Do not see myself as an industry writer, althrough I'm open for colaborations and assigments. I'm aiming to be more of an explorer into film writing always looking for chalenges in various genres. Still, my favorites are horror, thriller, history, war...




Berin, Skopje

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Scripts By Kiril

Troubled teenager is set to fulfill his plans over a course of two days. He's challenged by his gritty past and the odd future along the way.
Feature Drama, Mystery For sale 78pp
3 readers love this script
Young man trapped in a stalled elevator calls in the tower’s maintenance man for assistance. Upon his arrival things get a sinister turn.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 17pp
A brief collection of memories of an famous but eccentric playwright
Short Biography Example of work only 6pp
A young soldier finds himself stranded on a mission experiencing loneliness, anxiety and his menacing superior.
Short Thriller, War Seeking finance 15pp
At Range
A group of friends in a foreign land detour and find themselves stranded on an extremely vertical hill. While desperately trying to get down safely by daylight, they become engaged by a mysterious shooter.
Feature Horror, Thriller In development 7pp
Elevation 404
Hitchhiker meets a lonely driver on a desolate road in the woods. As they drive along some things begin to reveal...
Short Horror, Mystery Produced 8pp
2 readers love this script
A man working in a asteroid-alarm observatory get's an emergency message one night...
Short Animation Produced 3pp