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Kiril Maksimoski

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Kiril Maksimoski
Skopje, Macedonia

Born in 1979 in Gostivar, Macedonia. Lives in Karlovac, Croatia from 1981-1991. There he’s first time involved with performance art through participating in drama section of the “Zorin Dom” theater. From 1993 until present lives in Skopje, Macedonia. After graduating from high school, he works as a graphic designer in various places. In 2004 joins alternative theater “Steps” in Skopje and is an active member as an actor until 2009. He is author of several short films, screenplays, poems and short stories. Currently lives and works in Skopje. Experienced as: graphic designer. Fluent in: English, Serb-Croatian. Works: As Actor (roles in plays, commercials and films) “Emil and detectives” (play 1990) “Death of Smail Aga Chengijich” (play 1991) “60 seconds of humanity” (short film 2003) “Exit the king” (play 2005) “Authority” (play 2006) “On the other side of the chestnut trees” (play 2006) “Godot arrives” (play 2007) “A short piece for theatre” (play 2008) “EVN Macedonia” (commercial 2008) “This is not an American movie” (film 2009) As Writer (screenplays, poems, short stories) “The wonderer” (short story 1999) “Poems of Love, Times of Bitterness” (poem 2000) “The Limb” (screenplay 2001) “The Leaf Master” (screenplay 2001) “60 seconds of humanity” (screenplay 2003) “Alone” (screenplay 2006) “Laziness” (short story 2007) “Sandra’s day” (screenplay 2009) “Above Skopje” (screenplay 2010) As director (short films) “60 seconds of humanity” 2003 “Alone” 2006 “Looks” 2007 “A very simple story – Macedonian version” 2009 “Above Skopje” 2010 Awards – participations of festivals A film-dedication to Wim Wenders competition, Skopje (1 place award 2010) RAF amateur film revue, Zagreb Croatia (participation 2006) OFSAF amateur film festival, Skopje (participation 2009) 

In 2018 has his first feature script "Family Day" optioned by an award winning British-Canadian company.



Berin, Skopje

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