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Kitania Kavey
Alkmaar, Netherlands

I'm a disabled person, and a screenwriter of short and feature film scripts.  I love writing comedy and often write drama with true-life or disability themes.  I live in the Netherlands where I teach English. I've been a first-round judge/script reader for two screenwriting competitions and have done some script doctoring in the past as well.  My first reverse-adaptation (script-to-book) written with a co-writer was published in 2019.

Unaccompanied Minor - One man's journey from bystander to anti-child trafficking activist. The screenplay was inspired by my friend's experiences after he discovered criminals were using the unaccompanied minor services on airlines to upmarket child sex slaves from third world to first world countries.


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Scripts By Kitania

Happy Thanksgiving
Murder is on the table at a traditional blended family holiday dinner.
Short Drama For sale 11pp
9 readers love this script