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KJ Aills
Orlando, United States

KJ Aills was born with an overactive imagination, a pen in her hand, and a story in her heart. She is a film producer/director, filmmaker, and a writer. Her passion for the Arts led her to achieve a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications, and a Master’s in Motion Pictures and Television focusing in Production. She has high aspirations for Producing, Directing, and Scriptwriting.

Please contact me here, as the email on the scripts is no longer valid. 

Scripts By KJ

Blood Royal
Annabella Lavada is a Vampiress. An 18-year-old, frozen in time, half-human and half-vampire for the past 100 years. When her dark past catches up; she must remember her past in order to have a future.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy For sale 91pp
After a tragic car accident claims his wife, a teacher tutors a young girl from a broken home and eventually gains a new understanding for love and family unity.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 98pp
Through the Lens
A sensual script that depicts the need for people to learn to forgive themselves, have the courage to love despite the odds, protect who matters, and to be accepted wholeheartedly for who you are.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 129pp
The Journey
After losing his wife to cancer, a grieving man travels a personal journey struggling to find a new normal.
Feature Drama For sale 110pp
Model Lens
Samantha may be "Model of the Year," but when her life is threatened by an assassin, known as Ghost, she must go to ground with her family of bodyguards and assassins.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime For sale 88pp
Life as a professional motorcycle racer may be life in the fast lane, but it’s just right for Charlie Phoenyx surrounded by his dreams, friends, and the love of his life.
TV Pilot Drama, Sport For sale 47pp
Red Mist
Detective Melanie Townsend has the uncanny ability to see connections that solve cases. When her team is targeted, a secret Assassin community steps up, and Melanie must make a difficult choice.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 54pp
Magik Walkers
A child warrior Queen must protect her kingdom from a tyrannical Magik Walker who seeks to rule the lands.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 59pp
Special Agent Harper Quinn has been face-to-face with monsters since she was a child. When a serial killer hits her radar, the hunt is on.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 52pp
Finding Cinderella
Christina Woodard is your average pre-med college student until she learns she’s the sole heir of Revina. She must find her inner Cinderella as she ascends the throne.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama For sale 48pp
Concrete Jungle
Abigail Douglas moved to New York to follow her dreams; but she finds something she needed more: friends, family, and a great career she never knew she wanted.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Romance For sale 55pp
The website, Carousel, is found on the dark web. A team of Special Agents are teamed up with a group of Cyber Techs to take down all kinds of criminals.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 51pp
Blade of Gold
An Olympic hopeful’s dreams are shattered when she loses a leg in a car accident; she continues her pursuit for gold with a prosthetic running blade.
Feature Drama, Family, Sport For sale 78pp
Becksley Academy
Savannah Parker is the newest student at Becksley Academy, a school that trains young spies. When students go missing, Savannah and her friends must join together to save one of their own.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure For sale 46pp