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Kobié Kiambu is a graduate of Towson University's Electronic Media and Film program. Prior to completion of his Bachelor's degree, Kobie studied Film Production at Leeds Beckett University in England. During his time at Leeds, Kobie worked in various roles on short films including Tapani Viikkila's comedy "Ages of Hunting." Upon his return to the United States, he was hired as a cinematographer for Janks Morton's groundbreaking 2009 documentary "Men to Boys." During this time, he started production on a passion project, "Ink Spot on Canvas", a documentary featuring the "who's who" of the African-American intellectual community examining issues of race, culture, and police brutality. Kobié 
previously worked for TV-One and Discovery Channel, bringing with him over eighteen years of experience in the television and film industry.


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LAWRENCE, a talented teen percussionist, is admitted into a prestigious DC school for young artists and navigates the absence of his beloved father, GERALD, who's on tour with his band overseas.
TV Pilot Drama Seeking finance 47pp
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The Dewey Decimal System
Post-apocalyptic New York City finds local amnesiac detective DEWEY DECIMAL on the hunt for a Ukrainian dissenter causing trouble for the city.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Film-Noir Seeking finance 68pp