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Krista Crawford

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Krista Crawford
Madison, United States

Krista Crawford resides in a small town called Mauston, in south central Wisconsin, which is nowhere near as dangerous and exciting as anything with the words ‘south central’ sounds. Child two out of four, stuck in a narrow minded small town, she found escape from the daily grind through books and movies. Torn between wanting to be part of the Goonies or the Hardy Boys, she decided to write her own stories where she’s both, as well as doing the final dance with Baby. An early job at the local public library only gave her more fuel for the stories, as well as being the only librarian under 50. After a short stint at technical college where her essay on duct tape remains the only speech to have prompted cries for an encore, she fully embraced her fondness for storytelling. Her first TV pilot, ‘The P.I.’s (Paranormal Investigators)’ has resulted in numerous script requests and she is just waiting for it to find a good home. She has another TV pilot under her belt, ‘The Chasers’ as well. Krista is 38, still living in Mauston, WI.


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Scripts By Krista

The Collectors
A resourceful repo agent gets hired to retrieve a dark family heirloom by a mysterious woman who specializes in locating and selling mythical artifacts.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama For sale 57pp
The P.I.s (The Paranormal Investigators)
Left with a ghostly touch from a childhood encounter with a haunted house, a sarcastic paranormal investigator uses her unreliable ability to battle the supernatural for those with nowhere else to turn.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Horror For sale 57pp