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Kristen Butler
Port Saint Lucie, United States

Kristen Butler (Producer, Writer) began her career in the film industry as an editor, working on projects such as Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure, 77 Chances, and Summertime Christmas.  At the same time, she began producing under Mirari Pictures, a film company that she co-founded.  Under the Mirari Pictures brand, Kristen produced three award-winning short films, and the feature My House. 

Kristen possesses a strong background in marketing, having worked in the internal marketing department at a large non-profit university, as well as dedicating five years to the service of an independent marketing firm.  

In 2019, Kristen founded her second film company, Sailfish Features, for the purpose of producing  marketable feature films on a broad scale.

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Scripts By Kristen

Banks & Llamas Cattle Co.
When a notorious con man's teenage son is tried for crimes committed by his father, the con man teams up with a retired sheriff for an action-packed week to set things to right.
Feature Action, Thriller, Western For sale 101pp
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Calber Island
A new neighbor is presumed crazy as he protects a stubborn group of small-town natives on an isolated coastal island from unproven enemies, meanwhile harboring two lost children.
Feature Thriller Seeking finance 114pp
1 reader loves this script
Fake Fam'
Two adult sisters attempt to plan a baby shower for a relative they don’t know. But when a profiling app hits the market and tempts each woman to believe lies about the other, chaos ensues.
Feature Comedy, Family Seeking finance 114pp