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Kristian Smith

I'm an out of the box type of creative businessman. Writing is my passion, comedy is my preference.

I am here to learn, network and hopefully catch a break. 

Scripts By Kristian

An optionless woman signs up to be a tenant in her own 5-bedroom house when her step-father kicks her out then rents it to two rental scammers who she plans to exact total annihilation on.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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The Committee
A man battles his toughest opponent, himself. A powerful story told in one page exhibiting a concept on how our thought processes work for or against us in every day life.
Short Mystery Available for Free 1pp
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The first human brought back from extinction after a million years by a T-rex archeologist through reverse-engineering save the dying vegetation in a herbivorous dominated world by breaking the illegal act of eating meat.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 96pp
Diner on the Avenue
Hiding from a notorious hitman in the witness protection program is pretty easy, living together with 4 other peculiar strangers in it not so much. A Caribbean based streaming comedy.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 22pp
Hob Alone
A sly ex-lawyer now hobo weasels his way in to a property left for 4 mischievous cousins by their granny by posing as the executor for the house and land.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 24pp