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Kyle Stabinski

Hello my name is Kyle Stabinski. I'm a aspiring writer and director who will work very hard if given the opportunity or chance to prove myself.

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Scripts By Kyle

Aesir-Vanir War: The First Great War
The fierce Aesir gods fight against the Vanir as they believe the Vanir seidr is tearing the universe apart. A great battle is coming and only one shall win as peace is not an option.
Feature Action, Animation, Family For sale 115pp
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Take Advantage
There are no more excuses. Do what you want know before it's to late.
Short Family For sale 5pp
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The Knights Code
A knights only has one thing, and that is there codes.
Short Action, Animation, Family, Fantasy For sale 3pp
Honor and Freedom
An intense battle is going on forcing Jack and Matthews to call in backup.
Short Action, Comedy For sale 3pp
Everybody has journeys and dreams but will you make into reality.
Short Family For sale 1pp
Forever Together
A parent will go to the end of the earth to look for their children. No matter what happens.
Short Adventure, Animation, Family For sale 2pp
Life's Journey
Be kind to people. You never know, they might just be your boss one day.
Short Family For sale 5pp
Protectors: The Redeemed
When their is a world full of cruel and evil people who prey on the weak, they can count on the Protectors to stand with them against the oppressors.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 117pp