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Langley McArol
Los Angeles, United States


"After having faced a lifetime of exceptional challenges before adulthood, a tenacious man from Appalachia dives feet first into the tumultuous world of Hollywood in pursuit of his dreams with nothing more than his talent, passion, and steadfast determination."


OH! Hello. Didn't see you there!


These? These are just a few of my personal favorite spec Television Pilots, shorts, and features in various drafts, written by votre sinceremnt. That's "yours truly" for the layperson.

I'm a screenwriter (theatrically-trained actor/voice-actor/singer of over 20 years) with a penchant for dark comedy, the random and ridiculous, and "lovable loser" characters. I've written over a dozen spec TV pilots (not all comedy), a few features, several shorts, and dabble in sketch comedy.

I have been an inconsistently working actor for two decades and have produced and directed a handful of short films, plays, and spec commercials as well. Nothing to write home about, though. Besides, home is where the Langley is.

Sorry about that third-person statement. Now I feel bad. 

Anyway. I was an only child in a single-parent home. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, raised in Ohio until I finished college. Then, left Ohio to pursue my crazy dream. I lived in Wilmington, NC for several years, working in television, Theatre, and Anime voice-over all over the Southeast.

My favorite color is blue (specifically, cobalt, baby, and teal). I enjoy short walks on plush carpeting, holding hands with myself, and going to movies with anyone who will shut the hell up while it's playing. I also have a lovely singing voice and enjoy belting out a tune into my shampoo bottle.

I'm a childhood Cancer “Sur-Thriver”, and considered a PWD (Performer With Disability) due to a limp caused by the radiation cancer treatments as an infant. I was orphaned at an early age and spent some time in foster care. I had lived a full life by the age of 25, and I use my life experiences and modest successes to (hopefully) encourage others and entertain them through my wit and off-beat humor.

My mother raised me to be able to look at even the darkest moments of my life and find the humor in the moment. It may not always be considered "appropriate" to some (remove the stick from your keister, wimps!), but laughing at your own dismay is always better than the alternative.

After reading my first pilot attempt - Draft one of ‘One of the Girls’ - Don Payne (Co-Exec./Writer for The Simpsons) became my mentor for a few years, prior to his unfortunate passing from bone cancer. He also co-financed a few short film projects of mine.  His encouragement, feedback, guidance, and support over those all too short years gave me the nudge I needed to believe in my story-telling abilities.

I (attempt to) write rich, quirky, interesting characters, with witty, quick-paced dialogue, and stories that would fit perfectly on streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, and the like. I love what I do, and fortunate to have the ability to follow my dreams.

I appreciate your attention to my work here, and welcome feedback (and, of course, employment opportunities!).

~ Langley 

*Available for punch-ups and punch-outs, but never punch-downs!


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Scripts By Langley

A dark comedy about a contemptible Psychiatrist struggling to maintain his practice while balancing multiple addictions as his life spirals out of control.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 50pp
2 readers love this script
Battle Royal: Man vs Gorilla
A dark, tongue in cheek account of a man's fight against the gorilla in his basement.
Short Drama, Family For sale 9pp
1 reader loves this script
The Broken Dick
A 1950s era pulp detective finds himself locked up in a 2020s Hollywood Psych clinic, and must break out by any means necessary to solve the most important case of his life.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery For sale 61pp
1 reader loves this script
Once You Go Bonkers
In this dark comedy, a man is forced to confront his most repressed, painful childhood memories, when the circus comes to town bringing with it a noxious, drunken, foul-mouthed, burn-out of a clown named Bonkers.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 109pp
Abberz, Zombie & Fitz
Two teen BFFs haphazardly attempt to save their small Midwestern town Shopping Mall from being torn down, and in the process, find themselves at the epicenter of a Zombie apocalypse.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 85pp
One of the Girls
The misadventures of a guy and his three best gal pals, as he desperately struggles to get out of the "friend zone".
TV Pilot Comedy, Romance For sale 34pp
Souls Forgotten
Haunted by tragedy, a young girl's sanity comes into question when her family attempts a fresh start in their newly inherited, mysterious Southern Gothic home.
TV Pilot Drama, Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 68pp
Camp Z
A lonely little boy with a physical misfortune is dumped off at summer camp and quickly discovers its inhabitants have mysteriously become creepy, but fun-loving, brain-eating zombies.
TV Pilot Adventure, Animation, Comedy For sale 30pp
Mankind's future survival depends on a ragtag crew of NASA rejects sent on a top-secret mission to probe Uranus.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 36pp
No Place Like Home
Dorothy gets her wish and returns home from the strange and scary land of OZ, only to realize that maybe the grass was actually emerald-greener on the other side. Be careful what you wish for.
Short Comedy Example of work only 9pp
1 reader loves this script