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Lani Neumann

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Lani Neumann
New York City, United States

Lani Neumann is a seasoned television and content producer, turned production company founder, she produces powerful videos that connect and engage.

She has directed top rated television series, including TLC’s iconic bridal show, Say Yes to the Dress; Food Wars, a food competition series for Travel Channel and Bert the Conqueror (Travel Channel) which featured comedian Bert Kreischer testing his courage on thrill rides across the country.

In addition, Lani was a producer on an Emmy winning season of MTV’s MADE and on the acclaimed feature documentary, Salinger.  

Her corporate and digital work includes a highly successful social media campaign for Budweiser that celebrated their work with veterans, a hilarious Friends parody for Swedish Fish and a digital rebranding launch for Almay cosmetics. 


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