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Laszlo Klima

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Laszlo Klima
Los Angeles, United States

President of Laszlo Klima Productions since 2000, he has been nominated for several awards including the prestigious Cleo for a commercial for Urban Rags Clothing Co. Current projects include GREED STREET, RETURN TO AINTRY and The TV Project HOT SEAT.  The Culinary Show INTO THE FRYING PAN, the Music Show SESSIONS and the TV Comedy Series FIRST HUSBAND.

In 1998 Laszlo founded Webfomedia, a Multi Media development company. The company produced web based multimedia presentations, TV Commercials for such well known enterprises as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company,  20thCentury Fox, Warner Bros., Apple Computer, LA Dodgers, The 3 Tenors, Virgin Trading Company, Rock Around the World, Microsoft, Heineken, Fashion Cafe to name a few. 


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Scripts By Laszlo

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Return to Deliverance, now Squeal Like a Pig.
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African American Wall Street Drama, based on a true story
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