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Laurel King
Phoenix, United States

Laurel has been a writer for more than 30 years, with published work and an award-winning screenplay SECRET LIBRARY currently making the rounds on the film festivals. Her screenwriting is horror, suspense, cerebral thrillers mixed with the supernatural and occult. If it goes bump in the night or makes scratching sounds behind the wall, Laurel will seek it out and give it a world in which to thrive.

Her writing experience includes screenwriting, playwriting, novels, short stories and a wide range of non-fiction writing for business, legal, and academic clients. She has a BA in English and went to law school, but realized she still just wants to write stories and see them come to life.

As an Army veteran, mother of five grown people, and grandmother of five little people, Laurel has traveled the world, met a ton of people, seen a bunch of stuff, and written everything down. Voracious reader of the greats, like Stephen King, Master of Horror; William Shakespeare; and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dedicated watcher of all things spooky and creepy, suspenseful and mind-boggling.

Shockingly, her favorite holiday is: Halloween. 

Scripts By Laurel

Secret Library
In 1896 New York, three children discover a hidden underground library where they are trapped by an ancient evil and frantic rescuers must battle for their lives.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller For sale 108pp
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