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Laurence West
London, United Kingdom

My name is Laurence West, I am a 29-year-old feature film coordinator and accountant in the process of going it alone with the launch of my own independent production company 'Print Room Productions Ltd'. My goal is to create a production company (using the contacts I have acquired over the past 5 years) that can produce innovative, forward-thinking short films with a quality and finish above the expectation set by the budget.

I have credits on projects such as Bourne Identity, Avengers, Mission Impossible, Pan & Men In Black International to name a few. I appreciate that impeccable scheduling and budgeting are often as important as the quality of shooting equipment and crew on the day, and (of course) it all stems from a brilliant script!

We are looking to produce content for small projects (preferably web-based series) with low to medium budgets. We currently have development money for at least two web series or a low budget feature which we would like to get started on before our official launch later in the year. 

I would love to hear any ideas you might have. I'm dreaming big and would love Print Room Productions to be the next go-to place for compelling, thoughtful online content.

Best wishes,

Laurence (Loopy) West


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