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Laurie Gabriel
Portland, United States

Commissioned to write an action plus drama feature for Leslie Bloom of "Big Kid Films, LLC". She worked as an Assistant Director on "Northern Exposure" for five years, Segment Producer for "Bill Nye The Science Guy",  Assistant Director on "Melrose Place" and was a crew member in a few, feature movies, such as the following: "Permanent Record" starring Keanu Reeves. I completed my end of the screenplay in May 2020.

Re-worked a television, pilot script, titled:  "Go Fourth & Prosper" with my film partner, Kerel Taylor. Submitted the pilot to ISA's: Fellowship Fast Track and will apply for the Screen, Craft Fellowship in October 2020.  Completed first drafts of three episodes.  We will create bookends for the pilot, first season and end of series.  We are putting together a look book.

I am working through ISA's 12-week, Craft Course using my passion, project screenplay. In the middle of writing the first draft.

Been everything from a Director, Producer, Craft Services, Set Decorator, Production Assistant, Boom Operator, Assistant Director too a Research and Transcriptionist on a documentary.

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Scripts By Laurie

Ma and Pa's Groceries
An uptight senior and an older man who lacks boundaries are locked in a back room and must trust each other for survival while battling an unstable manager.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 10pp
1 reader loves this script
Go Fourth & Prosper
A comic, book artist dreams of being a successful, still-life, professional, but gets disillusioned despite alternative viewpoints and assistance offered by his foster brother and friends.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 33pp
1 reader loves this script