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Lawrence Davidson
Vancouver, Canada

I am inspired by hearing and telling stories, especially the grand adventures.  I've loved using the written word to make people laugh for as long as I remember.
I attended a Screenwriting Intensive at a small institution called SchoolCreative, which really pushes it's students to churn out scripts, take and give notes, and re-write like crazy.

Two of my scripts have become Second Rounders in the Austin Film Fest. I tend to enjoy writing comedy most of all, live-action and animation, fantasy and fiction. I work to bring my current scripts, and my future projects, to a level of high professionalism and enjoyment.

I strive to be a positive influence wherever I go, to encourage and offer what help I can to those on this journey with me, and to get some projects made!


Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
(The Trials and Tribulations of the Serial Monogamist)
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
(The Silent Spy Speaks Out)
Stage 32 Comedy - Quarter Finalist
(The Silent Spy Speaks Out)
Stage 32 Feature - Quarter-Finalist
(The Silent Spy Speaks Out)

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Scripts By Lawrence

The Silent Spy Speaks Out
A middle school student moonlighting as a top spy faces off against her debilitating stutter, while also unraveling a plot of poison and lies against the most successful man in the country.
Feature Action, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 91pp
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
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The Trials and Tribulations of the Serial Monogamist
A hapless serial monogamist gets injected with a fatal virus, one that requires a daily antidote, by the worst rebound ever.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Romance For sale 96pp
Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
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