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Leah N
Arlington, United States

I have always been interested in writing comedy and have recently decided to give it a shot.  I have written several comedy pilot scripts and would love to get some constructuve feedback.  I am looking forward to connecting and meeting like-minded professionals who can help me become a better writer.

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Scripts By Leah

The Gremwells
A picture-perfect American family's world is turned upside down when they unknowingly participate in a military experiment which transports them to a parallel universe where the alternate Gremwells run a criminal enterprise.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
3 readers love this script
Customs and Baggage Claim
Five quirky staffers at a regional airport set in the Midwest must band together and raise money after learning the airport may be shut down.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 29pp
2 readers love this script
Welcome to Appleton
Two diverse families running similar apple orchard businesses in Ohio rival for power; they learn that they will have to collaborate to plan the largest town festival.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 28pp
2 readers love this script