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My name is Lee Field, and I am a screenwriter and author with several projects under my belt, as well as years of experience in the competitive field of Journalism. I have received praise for my detailed writing style as well as my ability to tell fresh, untold stories woven into the most intriguing moments in history.

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Scripts By Lee

Forever Rome
In an alternate future where the Roman Empire never fell, two former friends vie for the throne as mysteries about their fathers and the empire come to light.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 121pp
2 readers love this script
Force Of Nature
A lost little girl must survive the wilderness and the evil forces pursuing her.
Feature Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 108pp
2 readers love this script
Those Damned Enineers
In the later days of World War II, A division of ill-equipped American Engineers are all that stands between a Nazi tank regiment and a victory that would spell the end for the Allies.
Feature History For sale 116pp
1 reader loves this script
Sins Of The Father
A young man returns home with his fiance to help his father's political campaign only to discover he is not the man he thought he was.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 115pp
Following the end of the civil war a confederate general must admit his mistakes in order to heal the nation.
Feature History For sale 109pp
A military experiment designed to use insects as weapons of war goes horribly wrong and threatens a small town.
Feature Thriller For sale 107pp
The Revolutionary
In an untold story from the Revolutionary War, an unlikely woman turned spy is the key to securing the victory of General Washington and the American Revolution.
Feature History For sale 116pp