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Leigh Miller
Melbourne, Australia

Leigh is a Melbourne based writer and director. Sometimes he goes by Francis Leigh because leighmiller.com was taken, and they wanted $500 for it!

A filmmaker who’s always searching for the story within the content, whether it’s a 5-act-structure hitting every beat or the whisper from a single ambiguous cut that suggests a brief emotion.

As an avid studier of cinema and a growing focus on writing, Leigh combines his broad spectrum of talents with passion and professionalism. He enjoys every aspect of filmmaking, from having to learn new skills and ways of telling stories, the challenges to be solved creatively, and the moments when it all comes together to give life to something unique.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Bong Joon-ho and David Fincher, Leigh’s passionate about creating quality, cinematic work with emotion.

He loves to start his days slowly as the sun rises, and finds joy in heading to the cinema to escape, be inspired and imagine his own work one day filling the big screen.