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During a greeting, the greeter cannot describe the realm to the entrant. Doing so results in the greeter's immediate exit to damnation. This is one of the rules soon found by each after Choosing to stay. On which side do they align, the hunters or the hunted, in their attempt to survive and escape purgatory?. I trust the audience finds CEASE captivating as they root for favored characters as they toil for their ultimate fortune. The characters each arrived to a defining decision, only to now find more arduous circumstance. They're here already from different periods, now in the age of sword, as the primary antagonist is convinced that they must be Eliminated. "This is the course. Purpose. And strength. Exit! Pity they who don't accept it." The hunted believe individual eventual escape to be possible by when selected to greet, convincing others Not to stay. If all of the sundial pieces could be found and reassembled, then all who are of like mind. . What if they who are vicious have same intent by wildly different method? Here we go. . Eventual redemption for some! Others reach eternal Hell. Arduous battle!


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In the land of suicide purgatory, the inhabitants know there are ways to achieve exit. A common goal exists: getting out...to a better place. They strive to achieve goal, while trying to stay “alive”.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
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