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Leonarda van der Ark

Leonarda van der Ark (1992) is a Dutch-born screenwriter living and working in The Hague. She has a bachelor in journalism and works as a bookseller. 

She has written several tv-series: WELCOME TO BRIGHTVALE, SOLSTICE (with Arlette Krijgsman), PAY THE PIPER (with Arlette Krijgsman) and KINGDOM COME. The latter made it to the second round at the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition in 2019.

At the moment she is working on three features: THE OLDEN CIRCLE (spy), LAYLA MONA LISA (heist) and THE LIGHTS (drama). 

Leonarda is represented by Simpson Literary Agency. 

Scripts By Leonarda

Kingdom Come
When Henry VIII of England dies in 1547, his body is left to rot in his deathbed, as members of his court rush to bury his last will and stake their claims to the crown.
TV Pilot Drama, History For sale 59pp
8 readers love this script
Welcome to Brightvale
The village of Brightvale is about to celebrate 100 years of peace, when one of the villagers is stabbed to death in broad daylight.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 49pp
5 readers love this script
Pay the Piper
A man unaware of his dark past must use his terrifying talent for sleepwalking to save twenty children after they disappear, by facing an adversary that has dealt in lives for centuries.
TV Pilot Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 34pp