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Leonidas Vaggalis

As a child I once read a poem by Robert Frost that said
"...two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and
that has made all the difference."
I guess I did the opposite
"I took the MOST travelled by, and that has made NO difference"

I grew up like a normal kid. My parents loved me, had a normal social life, two best friends, good grades and lots of fantasy. I started writing short stories at a young age as far as I remember. I even filmed some of them using camcorders of the time. VHS memories.
After school, "real" life begun. Got a BSc, joined the army, got a job, paid debts, rents, made a family, made new friends, lost old friends, lost my mom.. Happens to most of us, I guess. They call it routine. So I buried all my fantasies and dreams in the back of my head.
A decade and some more years after this growing up, I felt that something was missing from myself, so I started searching my past. Found some photos of the 80s and 90s. I remembered the stories I made up and everything. I searched for the notebook I used to write thoughts. I found it and my heart was filled with joy again. I even found some VHS tapes. I even bought a VHS player so I can watch them again. All the memories came back. I was crying from joy.
Then real life continued.. so I left the stories out again. I sometimes tried to write again... but it seems that I had buried my old self really deep.
So here I am. Looking for inspiration and the opportunity to make a short film.
Trying to make a difference.