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My life often sounds like fiction to those who weren't there.  My mom was an ex-starlet, my dad a politician, and yes, there was a lot of speculation about her past and his future.  As it turned out, my dad wasn't going to have much of a future; he died when I was seven. A few months later, my mother changed the course of her future and mine by moving us to Europe and, eventually, marrying an Italian prince. 

​I was seventeen when I returned to Los Angeles to attend UCLA.  Within months I had dropped out of college and, with little funds and even less desire to get a job, I found myself living in the city’s grittiest neighborhoods; replacing my ‘finishing school’ friends with hookers, junkies and other members of the disenfranchised. My attraction to street life ebbed years ago, but the juxtaposition of extreme power and hand-to-mouth poverty still fascinates me and shows up in much of my writing.

​​​​After an abbreviated acting career and a one-year stint as a beachcomber, I scored a job working for a group of California​ radio stations where I learned the finer points of marketing, promotions, and Hard Rock. After more than a decade in radio, both on-air and off, I started JOEY, an experiential marketing agency.  I’ve developed marketing campaigns and written commercials for over one hundred brands including McDonald's, Sobe, Ford, EA, and HTC.  

​​I’ve always wanted to be a screenwriter. In 2016, I graduated from ScreenwritingU's ProSeries and have been writing screenplays ever since.  Two short films I wrote were produced by MMTB and there's a shopping agreement on one of my TV pilots.  I’m currently the Creative Consultant on Jacob N. Stuart's feature film "From Gringo to Grave" which is in pre-production, and a staff writer on Torry Colvin's TV series "Forbidden District."


Scripts By Lesley

Two detectives, one suicidal, the other a part-time gigolo, investigate the murder of a gender-fluid photographer and the woman who claims she killed her. (TV PILOT & SERIES BIBLE)
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 55pp
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Alma Park
Detective Dana Moss' life takes an ominous turn when she investigates a male hooker's murder.
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery For sale 105pp
The Grand
Fresh out of college, a newly pregnant couple drain their savings to become landlords to wack-job tenants — one of whom might be a killer clown.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 34pp
The worlds of privilege and poverty collide when the trophy wife of a corrupt real-estate tycoon and an ex-priest detective search for her ex-fiancé among San Francisco's homeless. (TV PILOT)
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 57pp