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Liam Cairns
London, United Kingdom

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1990. At the age of sixteen, my family uprooted and moved to London, United Kingdom where I completed my education. I originally aimed to study at university for a degree in physics but, upon discovering the film magazine Sight & Sound, decided instead to attend film school. I studed Film and Television Production at the Creative Arts school in the University of Hertfordshire, eventually completing a masters degree in 2015. For my thesis, I specialised in screenwriting, writing (as well as directing) a spec script for a short film entitled Conduitas well as scripting another short spec entitled Mr. Midnight. I co-wrote and starred in a small cameo in the short film I Thank The State, a sci-fi set in a dystopian future. The film has garnered acclaim at numerous festivals and is currently continuing its course through the festival circuit. Recently, I co-starred and co-wrote the short black comedy Corporate Corpse, which has just been completed. At the end of this journey, I wish to be making feature films and writing projects more ambitious and original than the previous. I want my voice to be uniquely my own and tell stories that provoke and challenge my audience, work that treats the viewer with credit and intellegience, that doesn't hold the viewer's hand. If fiction is the lie we tell in order to get to the truth then I want my work to be as honest as possible, not just to myself but to the audience that discovers it. 

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Scripts By Liam

A civil servant in an alternative present must interview and assess an immigrant couple who wish to start a family in a society were the right to conceive children must be granted by the state.
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Chris and Madi encounter disaster when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, only to then have the menacing Davey terrorise them with seemingly malicious intentions. But is he all that he seems?
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A young couple's midday rendezvous is savagely interrupted by a terrifying supernatural presence intent on destroying all those who are in love.
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A young journalist bribes a psychiatric doctor to grant her exclusive access to the cell of a recently convicted mass murderer in order to discover the true motive behind the crime.
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