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Liam McCann
Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am a professional screenwriter with six optioned/commissioned scripts in my portfolio, two of which are now in pre-production. I am also a bestselling non-fiction author with more than 60 books to my name, several of which have reached the top spot on Amazon by category.

The script for my animated adventure, The Battle of Boxhill, reached the quarterfinal of the 2016 Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition and was optioned by the producers of the Oscar-nominated movie Mongol (2008).

I’ve just adapted the award-winning historical novel Lost Paradise into a feature for First Cut Films. The script received great reviews from Peter Heslop (producer of The King's Speech) and Emmy-winning screenwriter Michael Hirst, and it reached the quarterfinal of the 2019 Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition.

I co-wrote I See Spiders with Emmy-nominated director Richard Bazley. This script is now in development.

And my script, The Little English Boy, is based on my novel of the same name, which has recently been preserved by the National Archives in the UK

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Scripts By Liam

Lost Paradise
A young gardener falls for a wealthy aristocrat, only for the First World War to shatter their dreams of a life together.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance For sale 108pp
2 readers love this script
When Jason is murdered to conceal a medical discovery, he becomes a different person in an alternate reality. Can he unravel the mysteries of this parallel universe and find the assassin before he kills again?
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 105pp
1 reader loves this script
The Little English Boy
Danish pilot Hans Gundelach escapes occupied France to England in 1940 with sensitive German documents, but he’s then arrested as an enemy spy. Can a young English boy save him from the death penalty?
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War For sale 115pp
1 reader loves this script
Down the Devil's Road
Ex-con Jack is forced to rob a bank to clear an old debt but he discovers something unexpected in the vault. Now he has the police on his tail and the mob after his family.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 114pp
A young couple’s lives are turned upside down when an unscrupulous brewery installs a nightmare tenant in the pub next door.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 109pp
The Battle of Boxhill
When a gamekeeper steals his eggs and kidnaps his partner, a young falcon is forced to recruit unwilling allies to help him rescue his family.
Feature Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 103pp