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Lisa Geis
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Lisa Geis was born and raised in a small town in Germany. She grew up on movies by people like Brad Bird and Goerge Lucas. From an early age, she had a strong desire to tell stories. It started with badly drawn comics and over time turned into full feature screenplays, the medium changed many times over the years but the goal of telling a compelling story never changed. In the last two years, she has written a play, a TV pilot, multiple short scripts (One became a Semi-finalist for the HCF Screenplay Competition and another got selected to be in the Hollywood Horrorfest 2019) and two feature scripts. Right now she is working on her third feature and other creative endeavors. 

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Scripts By Lisa

Bread makes you fat
When a lazy college student’s toaster stops working, he has to deal with the consequences.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 2pp
5 readers love this script
A mysterious woman meets up with a murderous prostitute in a cheap motel to have more than just a little fun.
Short Thriller Available for Free 9pp
2 readers love this script