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When Lisa was three years old, she wanted to be She-Ra. Not much has changed since then. While she no longer seeks to be “Defender of the Crystal Castle”, many other fictional roles have sparked her creativity and made her wish, if only for a moment, that we could step into the screen and live alongside those we admire most.

It is that desire to live a life more interesting than her own that started her down the unavoidable path of becoming a screenwriter. She has discovered that no matter how many times you try to run from it, the need to use your unique voice to create something will always be there. It is this calling that Lisa is finally here to answer. Her short script titled Ever & Kingsley is her first foray into putting her work out in the world.

When she isn’t writing or watching other people’s creative genius, Lisa enjoys spending time with her large family, dreaming of places to travel, and making lists of craft projects she knows she’ll never actually complete.


Scripts By Lisa

An Experiment in Behavior
Frustrated with her teen daughter, an unappreciative mother concocts a serum to make her more obedient, but instead accidentally turns her into a zombie.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 9pp
Ever & Kingsley
When a fearless, well-respected knight learns of his wife's bleak diagnosis, he struggles to protect her at all cost from an ancient generational curse.
Short Drama, Fantasy Available for Free 17pp