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Lisa Penner-Dang
Manteca, United States

I was born in Nebraska, but grew up all over the country. My greatest super power,  is my imagination.  In my 20's I lived in Hollywood at the Fleur Dis Lis off of Hollywood Blvd. I spent my days off watching back to back movies for hours in the theaters. I love to write original characters that are quirky and out of the norm. My characters  are based on my love of travel and celebrate diversity.

I attended College in London England and Los Angeles. I graduated with a BA in Fashion Design & Merchandising. I have had over 200 jobs before I got into my career as a photo stylist for magazines and catalogs, working in the industry for 23 years in Los Angeles.

I grew up all over the country. Living in Nebraska, Iowa, Connecticut, Indiana, London England, Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington, Portland Oregon, and now Manteca CA. has allowed me to get to know many different types of people and create unique, diverse characters with heart.  I am currently working full time as a screenwriter. I work towards my dream every day. I like writing romantic comedy, dark comedy, and drama thrillers.

I have been married to my husband Greg Dang for 21 years. My last name is German/ Vietnamese, but I am English and Irish, adopted at birth.  I have a 20 year-old son living in Los Angeles, and a blind 130 pound Akita named Kenai after the Kenai Alaskan river.

I am a California based writer with scrips currently on The Blacklist, and Inktip.

I was a finalist in the Lit Laughs International Comedy  Screenplay Competition Winter 2020 for my script: Kings of Cabra.

My screenplay "The Exchange Students", placed as a quarter finalist in the Portland Screenplay Awards,  Summer 2021.


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Scripts By Lisa

Vampires of the North End TV Pilot
Vampires of the North End is “ The Sopranos” meets “Cheers”. Everyone knows your name, but they may want to kill you. A family of overweight vampires is about to level the playing field.
TV Pilot Comedy, Horror, Thriller For sale 56pp
1 reader loves this script
Vampires of the North End
Vampires of the North End is “ The Sopranos” meets “Cheers”. Everyone knows your name, but they may want to kill you. A family of overweight vampires is about to level the playing field.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 97pp
1 reader loves this script
Lobo Tren
When a female werewolf and a Norteno aficionado board a luxury European 1940's Art Deco train, they enjoy fine dining, romance, and murder. The world needs more leaders of the pack.
Feature Horror, Romance For sale 98pp
1 reader loves this script
Pista de Fuego (Rink of Fire)
Things get heated when a transgender Latino teenager challenges the International Skating Unions rule 302. Ice Pairs must be one women and one man.
Feature Drama For sale 99pp
Kings of Cabra
Aging hipster Dad’s challenge a younger football team to a 30 day sober challenge right before St. Patrick’s Day in the Cabra neighborhood of Dublin, Ireland.
Feature Comedy For sale 108pp
Living in Oblivion
After a large inheritance, a Vietnamese teen buys a nursing home, filling it with aging hipsters that have clashing musical preferences. Everyone wants to live in Oblivion.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 110pp
Year of Horse
A dog named Horse, saves a homeless girl from ending her life, after Kongju, a legendary fire horse from hell rooted in Chinese Astrology kills nearly everyone in the city, stealing their happiness.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 103pp
Jade Farms
A romantic road trip goes South when a third-generation, Vietnamese beekeeper finds herself caught up in smuggling drugs across the Canadian border using the bee's as a deterrent.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 97pp
The Exchange Students
In a town know for food trucks , strip clubs, & cannabis shops, a couple down on their luck, fakes an application to host rich, highly sheltered Japanese exchange students .
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
After a serious car crash Frank Paradiso wakes in the housewares department of the iconic “Sears”department store on Christmas Eve, 1977. He must change the course of events to prevent his wife's future death.
Feature Romance For sale 111pp