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Logan McDonald

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Logan McDonald
New York City, United States

Logan McDonald has always loved movies. In 2007 he picked up a pencil and paper and wrote an action film over summer break. Since then his writing has evolved into a blend of genre stories and philosophical questions aimed to create debate and conversation with its readers. He currently resides in Astoria, New York where he works as a freelance editor and hopes to one day bring his stories to life.


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Scripts By Logan

In the zombie apocalypse, a pastor believes the undead are actually possessed by the devil. He captures one of the zombies and preforms an exorcism.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
A straight adult star has some second thoughts after he agrees to act in a gay porn.
Short Comedy For sale 14pp
Trigger or (The Sad Story of Jacob Collmer)
A hitman suffering from years of trauma attempts to escape his violent world after accidently killing the son of a mob boss.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 101pp
Paper Airplane
A man working in a high-rise in New York City finds a paper airplane with a disturbing note that claims a woman is being held captive in one of the rooms.
Short Drama, Mystery For sale 25pp
Dead World Diary Part 1
A man finds a video camera and documents his friends search for supplies and food.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
The Briefcase Incident
Five men perform a robbery to disastrous results.
Short Action For sale 8pp
Work Opportunity
A desperate man finds a flyer for a job that will solve his financial issues.
Short Horror For sale 14pp
Something in the Dark
Strange things happen around the home of a man after returning home from a Civil War POW Camp.
Short Horror Example of work only 14pp