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After working professionally as a touring stage actor,  I then took the opportunity to work in media relations and as the acquisition and mergers liaison for GEH Consulting- where I assisted in composition of press releases, business plans, and corporate summary documents and produced events for clients trading on the entry level stock markets; the pink sheets and the OTCBB. I gained experience doing research on Westlaw and LexisNexis regarding securities law for various states related to capital raise, company due diligence and the review and correction of documents related to acquisitions and reverse mergers. I became an acting instructor while continuing this position and afterwards  began working at Mogul Mind studio as the administration executive facilitating contact between studio managers and on location clients such as Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox as well as assisting with internal productions at the studio. After 2011 I did freelance SEO focused copywriting and transcription editing and began writing my own scripts. I have started producing one of these as well as acting again in independent film productions. Now I want to balance my own work with writing and polish of screenplays for independent and studio productions.

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Everything has an origin and Sypholopod is the ancient origin life form that all sexually transmitted diseases come from
Short Horror For sale 26pp
El Paso
Fear and Pride are as important in the Old West as a good horse and a bad gun. Brace grows up in the frontier he knows life can end if the wrong choice is made.
Feature Western For sale 88pp