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Loraine McBarron
Dartmouth, Canada

After giving up on my dream of becoming a screenwriter twenty years ago, I have returned to it.  In the past, I have taken a part-time course in filmmaking and made two short films.  I have also taken a screenwriting course and recently realized that writing is what I love to do.

My life work experience consists of working in the Military as a Medical Assistant, working as a postal worker, bartender and then returning to school to learn how to work with computers and getting a Diploma in Business Administration.  The oil boom in Fort McMurray, Alberta drew me there for work, where I stayed until the bust.  I returned to Nova Scotia and started writing and rediscovered my passion for screenwriting.

Psychological thrillers are my passion but I have been writing in other genres as well.  I hope you enjoy reading my stories and feel free to contact me.

Scripts By Loraine

smokey fear
Three young adults are trapped in a cabin with a bear clawing at their door, what do they do?
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 6pp
11 readers love this script
nosy neighbors
When an internet influencer crosses a boundary, she unfortunately pays a very high price.
Short Horror For sale 5pp
10 readers love this script
Twisted Trends: Scent No. 6
When a nerdy, photography assistant joins a trending dating service that relies on smell, his alpha boss becomes attracted to his match and wants to meet her. His dilemma results in a surprising outcome.
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy, Romance For sale 27pp
4 readers love this script
comfort joe
A woman has her heart broken and she discovers her friend's solution to recovery, could it work for her?
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
4 readers love this script
the collector
A collector devises a devious plan to get an android (an old model) into his collection but it backfires on him. *Optioned*
Short Horror Under Option 3pp
6 readers love this script
Tell Tale Signs
When a newly hired motel worker is strongly advised by her manager to just call him or to ignore the tell tale signs of human trafficking, he gets a surprise coming to him.
Short Drama, Thriller Under Option 7pp
6 readers love this script
bloody mary and baby blue
Four female teenage friends decide to play an urban legend game with an unexpected outcome.
Short Horror Under Option 7pp
5 readers love this script
lack of money
When a harassed teen female seizures due to Toxic Shock Syndrome, it results in life changes for her, her tormentors and surprisingly, her social worker.
Short Drama, Family Under Option 17pp
1 reader loves this script
the deadly internet widow
When a young woman discovers that her grandfather has started online dating, she worries as the elderly Deadly Internet Widow has just been released from prison. Is the lady in the coffee shop her?
Short Comedy, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
7 readers love this script
Z.D. (zombie disease)
A pregnant poet fears for the future of her baby after learning about the spread of a new type of illness: Zombie Disease caused by global warming.
Short Drama, Horror Available for Free 5pp
4 readers love this script