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Lorenc Bellani
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Born in Albania. Migrated to England with my family. After spending over 10 years in a dead end job in the UK, I decided to pack up my stuff and move to Canada. My time in Canada was exactly the moment that I realised what I wanted to do. A screenwriter. A creator of a TV series. I fell in love with the world of the Walking Dead and this was the kick I needed to start writing. My first ever completed script is a one hour high concept Drama series. It is titled Independence Breach.

I came back to the UK to study for a Master's Degree in Film and TV Production. Whilst at University, I wrote, Produced and Directed a short film. At the same time, I have completed a few short scripts and three TV scripts. Two of them are one hour Drama whilst the other is half hour comedy. Currently, I am writing/completing a hour long drama script based in the UK which I will be looking to gain coverage on.

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Scripts By Lorenc

Daze Skippers
In a no-one-cares North East town, 3 friends with degrees, contemptuous attitudes and massive egos, try and figure out what purpose they have in life.
TV Pilot Comedy Example of work only 35pp
1 reader loves this script
Ruined Present
A birthday should be a happy time for any 10 year old. However, for Sam it is anything but. Until a fortuitous knock on the door from a familiar face.
Short Thriller Produced 6pp
2 readers love this script