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Loretta Adams
Raleigh, United States

Loretta Adams, originally Peggy Lynn Mann, was born in the mountain town of Salyersville, in Eastern Kentucky.  Peggy received a liberal arts education at Transylvania University, earned a physics graduate degree at the University of Kentucky, and studied art at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Peggy became Loretta gradually when she started writing creatively in her forties. After speaking her mind freely in Twitter with her account Loretta Adams @lorettawashappy, (sometimes @lorettaishappy), Loretta shed Peggy completely, realizing not only did she desire to write professionally, but that she had something to say that needs to be said.

"I began exploring screenwriting as a medium of choice a little over a decade ago. I studied film as an undergraduate and felt it was the most natural medium for the stories I wanted to write, and to say the things I want to say.  I was a regular at the Nashville Screenwriter's Conference where I met many screenwriters, which I feel adds a layer of understanding to their work- like getting to know the artist who painted a painting. 

I have written ten screenplays, one short was produced. Those earlier works were learning exercises. The screenplays I share here are looking for a home, particularly Jesus In the Air which is I think is both politically incorrect and politically relevant. 

Current creative projects include a creative non-fiction book and screenplay, "A Young Girl's Heart is a Dangerous Thing" and a screenplay, "I met My Soulmate in the Home Depot Parking Lot."


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Scripts By Loretta

Jesus In the Air
A single mother living in the Bible belt awakens to the possibility that collectively we are God and what happens on the US border matters.
Short Drama, History For sale 27pp
3 readers love this script
Highway Robbery
A lonely roadside gas stop on the Natchez Trace receives customers.
Short Adventure, Comedy For sale 6pp
2 readers love this script
Lassie Saves the Day
Lassie and Timmy break up a dog fighting ring. Based on the television show Lassie.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 17pp
1 reader loves this script