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Lori Corbin
Hollywood, United States

I am a hobby writer with a professional career in custom home lighting.  Researching, note-taking and organizational skills required to write a screenplay, or a novel, has taken me through many professional careers in my lifetime; however, writing for fun and having fun to write is truly a passion that has remained stable through many years.  I view television as not only a way to stay up on current events, but as entertainment.  I tend to enjoy movies and programs that are fun and exercise the imagination.  I have written a few self published short books, on serious issues, as a way of "exorcising" some demons of the past and have tinkered with several ideas of television movies and television shows.  Lowcountry Crab Cake is the only one of my many ideas that actually made it down onto paper (all 115 pages of it).  

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Scripts By Lori

Lowcountry Crab Quake
A routine dredging operation in the Charleston Harbor uncovers a long dormant, giant prehistoric crab species which threatens destruction of one of the largest tourist destinations on the East Coast.
Feature Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 115pp