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Louis Tete
Los Angeles, United States

Born in Paris, France, Louis Tete started as an non-entertainment Lawyer in his hometown. After few years of practice and thanks to his savings, he decided to leave everything behind to move to Los Angeles in 2013 in order to pursue his everlasting dreams, being a director/screenwriter.

In 2016, Louis graduated from the New York Film Academy in Burbank with a bachelor in Filmmaking and a certificate in Screenwriting with already three short films and two features screenplay under his belt. 

Succeeding his graduation, Louis worked on numerous sets -- mainly independent low budget shorts and music clip videos -- as a Grip or Production Assistant to gain as much as experience possible and add contacts to his roaster to establish future relationships independently of their departments, while working on his own materials. 

However, gaining set experience wasn't enough for him. He wanted -- and still do -- to know more about the production companies workflow, how do they operate, what's happening behind the curtains. Therefore, Louis enrolled as an intern in different production companies dealing with various stages of production -- pre and post -- such as sales and distribution, development and so on. 

During those various internships, Louis learned the art of script coverage -- he has covered more than fifty features --, how movie deals are made, how movies are sold at an international level, how festivals operate, how partnership are made .... 

Louis is simply a machine eager to learn any stages in a movie's journey because it is not only something he can apply to his own materials but it allows him to have a better understanding how this fascinate industry works.

Aside from those internships and sets opportunities, Louis keeps on working on his crafts every single blessed day, self teaching anything he wants to learn -- photoshop, editing, music composition... -- because he knows having several strings to his bow is capital in this industry. 

As he knows well however, being skilled in this industry isn't enough. Having the good relationships, the right partners and maintaining those are key because believe it or not, movies are a team effort and being in this industry is like being in an endless marathon, not a sprint!