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I grew up in a town with a population of around one hundred people in northern Minnesota. The fifth of seven children, I devoted most of my childhood to watching copious amounts of television and movies. How I came to direct my first feature length film is by default. I wrote the screenplay for the film and sent it off to the production company, who already had a director lined up. When he fell through, due to family obligations, I was asked to take over. It was a difficult experience shooting a feature length film with almost no budget, but I had a crew that truly cared about the project and we made sure to finish it. I edited the film together with the producer and now I can say, "I made a movie." Since then, I've edited a few music videos and co-created a television pilot with the star of the feature. visit for more info

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Scripts By Lucas

The Writer's Retreat
A two man screenwriting team, who are stuck in a writer's block, decide to sequester themselves away in a hotel for a weekend to jumpstart their creative process. But soon the retreat devolves into a series of procrastination, drugs and alcohol, and...
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
3 readers love this script
The Tonight Show Writer's Room
A satirical look into how an episode of the Tonight Show gets made.
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
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Valet Day
Following the genre of “stoner comedy”, the script’s protagonists are four valet attendants, who stumble upon a luggage trunk filled with a variety of illegal drugs. The four decide to sell/imbibe the contents until they discover the trunk is...
Feature Comedy For sale 96pp