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Luis Rivera

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Luis Rivera
Spring Hill, United States

Born in Puerto Rico on the month of November in the year of 1993, I was introduced to entertaiment at a very young age. As time past, I started to learn about the industry. Now as an adult, I intend to set foot to my calling.


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Scripts By Luis

Christmas in Camelot
Music, dance and drama to drive the dark away.
Feature Musical For sale 28pp
In a kingdom with a bored queen and no heroes, a charming prince arrives, but refuses to stay.
Feature Drama For sale 33pp
Babes in Toyland
Within the land of Mother Goose, a rich miser attempts to steal his niece and nephew's inheritance.
Feature Musical For sale 73pp
The Rainbow Road to Oz
After a tornado transports a Kansas farmgirl to a magic land, shew must go and see a wizard in order to retrrn home.
Feature Musical For sale 74pp
Big Top
A once famous television icon makes a comeback in this TV pilot.
TV Pilot Family For sale 9pp