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Luke Cahill

Not my real name. Interested in finding a feature to direct. Like comedy, crime and political. New to film world. Love work like Edgar Wright's. Interested in tv as well. Love movies that use cuts and light. Just finished directing my first short film HEADSPACE. I won't be posting anything for a while as I am directing a major project. Hope you all have good days and accomplish stuff!

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Scripts By Luke

Behind You
A man fights time itself.
Short Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
School Yard
A teacher investigates the death of a student.
Short Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery For sale 18pp
1 reader loves this script
On The Inside
A child witnesses domestic violence and seeks answers.
Short Drama, Film-Noir For sale 5pp
The Janitor
A janitor seeks admission into college.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 3pp
An astronaut and a cosmonaut are trapped together as World War 3 begins.
Short Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 17pp
The police investigate human remains in the sewer.
Short Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 12pp
The Boxer
A bullied teen fights back.
Short Action, Drama, Film-Noir For sale 2pp
A police officer attempts to confront a social issue in dystopia, even though his own brother is a victim.
Short Action, Drama, Sci-Fi In development 7pp