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Luke Dawson
London, United Kingdom

At the ripe age of 22 I began to explore many different career paths before settling on my great passion of writing.

From a young age, I loved poetry and was always encouraged by my teachers at school to pursue it, however it wasn't until reaching university that I truly began to thrive with my writing.

I started writing films during my first group project during my first year at the University of Lincoln but never felt that this truly harnessed my potential.

Being an outgoing sort of man, I ventured to Minnesota, US in my second year to study for a semester. I took part in several projects, my favourite of which and crowning achievement was an impromptu participation in the Minnesota State University Moorhead’s annual 48-Hour Film Challenge in which I won the award for best writing and gained acclaim among my peers shortly before leaving back to the UK to complete my studies. Later in my second year, I decided to venture out and participate in an open-mic poetry night, my first ever attempt at performing my art for strangers; after a positive response, the organisers began using my image as their figure head when advertising their events on Facebook which continues to this day.  

In March 2017, inspiration struck. I had an idea for a short film and began writing. Hoping to make this film, I quickly formed a group and set up plans to make the film for his final year project. As plans fell through, I made it my mission to complete this film in one form or another and chose to change the pathway to Script knowing I would be able to complete the story I was so passionate about in the form of a feature film and to this day, completing the first draft of my first feature film stands as his proudest moment in a career just beginning.

Since this, I have completed several short films, a pilot for an animated web series and begun work on my next feature length film. I continue to work on my First Feature as well as submit it to competitions. 

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