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Luke Payne
Minneapolis, United States

I'm a bit of a born-again newbie here. As a kid, I would constantly make movies with friends, I had a green screen in my basement, and I even taught myself Adobe Premiere, and I had an entire shelf on my bookcase dedicated to filmmaking books. As I grew up and the world told me that filmmaking wasn't a valid career path, I opted to study psychology before dropping out and becoming a professional adventure wedding and elopement photographer – email me if you want my website and for some reason are actually reading this. 


While I love my job and documenting some of the most important days in my couples' lives and traveling all over, sometimes I do miss doing photography purely for the enjoyment of it. Also, being a wedding photographer doesn't seem like the reason I'm here on this planet. I've had one hell of a life so far growing up gay in a conservative area, dealing with various medical issues, and spending much of my life as an outsider, I like to think I could bring a unique perspective to films I'd make and hopefully make an impact by sharing stories on-screen not commonly represented. I have access to gear and talent already and I took a few filmmaking classes while in college, and I'm looking to take all of that and do something with it.